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Huddlestone Enjoying First Pre-Season With The Tigers


11:57 12th July 2014

Midfielder on the hard yards currently being put in out in Portugal....

Tom Huddlestone says his first pre-season trip with Hull City is going well.

Although Huddlestone played the full 2013/14 season with the Tigers, his signing only a few days before the start of the campaign meant he missed last summer’s training camp.

Already four sessions into this year’s trip to the Algarve, plenty of sweat has been flowing in the intense heat, but Huddlestone is cool about the hard work.

“It’s been good so far,” said Huddlestone.

“Everybody is getting to know the new lads and we know this trip is going to give us more strength going into the new season.

“The hot weather is exactly what the manager was looking for because that gets the heart rate going more than it would back home.

“There’s already been a lot of hard work and by the look of things, all of the lads have come out here in very good shape and that is a good thing because we’re going to be playing a competitive game three weeks earlier than normal with the Europa League.

“Being over here in Portugal means we can focus entirely on our training and that is what we need.”

Although hard work and building fitness are the common themes running through every session, the content of the sessions has varied so far.

Whereas Friday evening’s session saw plenty of fitness work done with the ball at their feet, Saturday morning saw the players focus largely on leg work and running, building up the load as the session went on.

“I think football has changed throughout the years, certainly in terms of what you do in pre-season,” added Huddlestone.

“I know over the last few years, the footballs have been used more and more in the opening days of pre-season.

“You need the running and you need the football movements as well and as the last few sessions have shown, we have the mix here.”

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