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Club Statement


16:55 11th November 2013

Club Chairman Dr. Assem Allam recently met with representatives of various supporters’ groups, where opinions surrounding the name of the club were aired. After hearing the representatives’ position, Dr. Allam explained his decision to remove ‘AFC’ from the club’s name, citing the need for the club to improve its global appeal and become self-financed in order to survive with or without him. He said: “Having been deprived of opportunities to acquire the stadium freehold, which would have enabled us to create the infrastructure in the surrounding area, we will now need to focus on generating commercial income from elsewhere. A shorter club name will hopefully enable us to do so, with a stronger, quicker marketing impact all over the world.”

The club name is currently Hull City Tigers, after it was shortened in the spring of this year. However, as a result of the greater exposure generated from playing in the Barclays Premier League, a further shortening of the club name is under review with a decision likely to be made early next year. Dr. Allam’s preference for the club name remains ‘Hull Tigers’, as he has previously stated, but he has also explained that the club will first ensure that a shortened name will provide the anticipated global marketing impact.

The representatives at the recent meeting asked about the possibility of any alternatives, and Dr. Allam strongly welcomed further engagement with them on this. He said: “I believe the representatives at the meeting accepted that there is a wider issue at hand, in that we need to ensure the club can sustain itself through commercial income.”

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