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GDS Arrives At The KC


09:18 13th August 2013

The new Goal Decision System has been installed ahead of the new season....

While the players fine-tune their preparations for the new season on the training ground, the KC Stadium is also getting ready for the new campaign.

Today saw the installation and testing of Hawk Eye’s new Goal Decision System (GDS), the goal-line technology which will instantly inform a match official via a watch monitor if and when the ball has crossed the goal line.

The new GDS system is able to accurately locate the ball even when only a small percentage of it is visible to the cameras and has been independently tested to work in cases where the ball is more obscured than has ever occurred in a real match goal scenario.

Having had several cameras installed around the KC Stadium, the testing of the system was taking place on Tuesday with the procedure a lot more complicated than just kicking a ball over the goal line.

“FIFA have set up a method for us to follow which we use at every ground,” said a spokesperson.

“We have a series of tests to run through, some of which are as simple as rolling a ball across the line. But there are other more specialist tests that we have to do which involve high-speed camera work.

“We also have tests where we fire a football at a specific target within the goal and we have to test the watch monitors and the cameras and that all goes towards certifying the system.”

The Goal Decision System will be in operation at every Premier League ground in 2013/14.

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