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Niasse - Players Prepared For Important Week Away


12:24 15th February 2017

Oumar Niasse says the players are prepared for a very important week of hard work as the Tigers head off to Portugal for a seven-day training camp.

Head Coach Marco Silva is making the most of a gap in the fixture list to take the squad away for a week of hard work and preparation as the season heads into its final three months, and Niasse insists that every player has to give everything they can to feel the full benefit of their time out of the country.

“It is going to be a very important week for us,” said Niasse.

“For me and the other players that joined the Club last month, it is going to be good to spend all of this time together to get to know everybody better.

“The spirit amongst us is already good, but this time away can only make it even better. We’re going to be in Portugal for a week and this will give us all time to speak with the coach and get to know him better, as well as for him to get to know us better.

“I’m sure the coach will be spelling out the preparation for the rest of the season and it’s a chance for us all to clear our heads and get the focus on the next 13 games, which starts with Burnley when we get back to England.

“We’re going away and leaving everything behind for a week, so we all have to concentrate and work hard to make sure we get out of it what is intended.”

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