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Rosenior Backs 'Not In Our Community' Campaign


09:45 15th April 2015

Liam Rosenior is supporting a local campaign to educate youngsters about the dangers of sexual exploitation.

Rosenior, 30, was at the rehearsals for Humberside Police’s Rock Challenge to help promote the ‘Not In Our Community’ campaign, which works in conjunction with the event.

The experienced defender spoke to some of the children present and highlighted some of the dangers they should avoid.

“It is something I feel really strongly about and I want to help prevent it,” said Rosenior.

“I have got four young daughters of my own and it is really important we educate children and parents and teach them the right things to do.

“Especially with Facebook and Twitter causing such dangers, I felt really, really strongly that this campaign was something I could put my name to and help.”

The Not In Our Community campaign aims to help protect young people and others from child sexual exploitation.

“If it helps just one child out there stay safe, it is a success,” added Rosenior.

“When you have children especially you become more aware, because there are threats out there and you want to make sure that your children are safe.

“I want to make sure parents and children know what is going on because we have to protect our children.”

Gail Mettyear, High Sheriff of the East Riding and patron of the campaign, said: “It is a terrible, terrible abuse and exploitation of children, and nobody really used to know anything about it because nobody talked about it.

“It was when I was talking to former victims I thought we have to stop that. We have to talk about it and alert people to the possible dangers.

“We have now had former victims come forward and saying ‘I wish this was around for us.’

“We just want to help as many people as we can and encourage young people to visit the website, and it is great to get big names come forward to help as well.”

For more details about the campaign, visit

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