Adkins Talks Tactics

07 December 2017
Nigel Adkins has been talking about the playing styles and systems he may implement as the Tigers' new Head Coach bids to spark an upturn in the team's form.

Speaking to Tigers TV on Thursday, he said: “At this moment in time, we need to get some points on the board and we should always look to win.

“The way I’ve always looked to go is to build from the goalkeeper, to play through the thirds, to get wide, penetrate and to get crosses into the box, to look to score goals and there are different ways of going about that.

“Sometimes that can be dictated by the players you have got, so we need to have a look at that. We want the players to be playing to their strengths, so we need to understand where we are with this group.

“As a football club it sometimes helps to have a structure in place from the Academy through where you play 1-4-3-3, whether that’s with two holding midfield players and one in front or one holding midfield player and two in front.

“Your tactics have to be adaptable to changing formation, which is something we have done in the past with a diamond formation, three at the back, players pushing on, adapting to how the opposition set up.

“You have to be able to adapt. When we have the ball, everybody is an attacker. When we haven’t got the ball, everybody is a defender. Can we be compact so that teams don’t run through us? When we have the ball, can we be effective with it? Is it a high press? Is it a mid-third block or a defensive block?

“The pitch at the KCOM Stadium is probably one of the biggest in the league, so we have to be compact when we don’t have the ball to deny good teams the opportunity to break through us. Likewise, when we have the ball we need players in the right areas to play to our strengths.

“Tactics and formations are a snapshot at any given time. One minute you can say it is a certain formation, seconds later the shape changes into a different formation.

“We need to be aggressive and assertive with what we do, we need to pass the ball quickly and calmly, make it exciting and score goals. But there are also times when just keeping the football is a great way to defend. You control the tempo of the game, take the sting out of the opposition and sometimes that is the way to go.”


Hear more from Nigel Adkins on Tigers TV shortly.


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