Hull City

Club Statement: The Athletic

22 June 2020
On Friday 20th June at 12:34pm whilst the Club’s Management was in the course of preparing for the re-start of our season and dealing with the financial challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought upon the football world, we received the below communication from a journalist at The Athletic.

It is a shame that, whilst all in the football world should be pulling together to ensure the ongoing viability of football clubs and the game in general, this journalist appears to seek scandal where none exists. He will no doubt publish this story, which is nothing more than a trouble-making cheap shot. Accordingly, in the interest of transparency, we publish both his email to the Club and the Club’s reply below.

We have redacted certain names and financial information in his email in the interest of preserving the confidentiality of the parties involved.

Click here to read The Athletic’s original email.

Click here to read the Club’s response.