Hull City

Concessionary Pricing Vote Update

28 March 2018
As a Club, we're committed to being fair with the process for the concessions vote. We've also really listened to your feedback and taken it on-board.

With this in mind, due to a low vote count (18% of overall voter pool), we’ve decided to present an alternative model for eligible supporters to vote on.

We think you will agree that, to consider a vote a ‘majority vote’, it needs to be more than a fifth of people voting overall.

Given that the 2015/16 pricing structure was the last concession model the Club had prior to Zonal pricing, we have decided to offer a structure based on that season’s ticketing model. 

Click here to see the pricing structure.

To combat ticket fraud, which has always been our primary concern and the reason why we proposed Zonal pricing in the first place, here’s how we propose we would re-implement this structure:

1. Every individual membership would require photo ID in order to receive the membership card (memberships are non-transferrable). You can only have one membership assigned to each supporter.

2. For match by match tickets, we are presenting two revised options for how you can purchase match by match tickets:

      1: We will be introducing a ‘Pay As You Go’ style Membership card (PAYG) where you will need to collect your card with photo ID, as per the membership cards (one card assigned per supporter, non-transferrable). Also, a one-off £15 admin charge will be applied. You will then be able to load match tickets onto this card.

      2: Alternatively, for those who would prefer not to register for a Pay as You Go style membership card, you will only be able to buy fixed price match by match tickets and these will be at an elevated price (with no concession option). See pricing structure.


With the above proposed model:

  1. We will be empowering stewards to do regular on the spot checks on the stadium grounds including: before entry, at the gates, in the stadium, whilst you are seated, and as you are leaving- in short, anywhere at any time in the stadium. You will need to be able to prove who you are, and if you can’t the membership card will be confiscated.
  2. If you are found to be abusing the revised rules i.e. using someone else’s card or using a card that is not the correct age group for you, the Club will confiscate your card on the spot and you will be ejected from the stadium.
  3. Following confiscation, to get your card back you will need to collect your card from the Stadium after 48 hours (during Ticket Zone opening hours). To collect your card you will need to prove your identity again with photo ID. If you have bought the incorrect card for your age group, you will need to pay the backdated amount for monies owed since you registered as a Member. You will also be charged a fine of £35. Please note, your card would be placed ‘on hold’ until the fine is paid.
  4. A record will be kept of persistent abusers of the system, and your card will ultimately be revoked, and you will be banned from attending via either membership option and will only be able to buy the elevated price match by match tickets instead.

Please note: We will eventually be introducing photo cards which will replace the existing membership cards, these will be implemented once we are able to get the new technology up and running. Announcements will follow in due course.

We really do want to hear from you on this one, so to encourage you to vote and have your say, we have decided to create a prize draw for those who register their vote. A whole host of prizes, including some unique experiences, will be revealed when the vote goes live.

The vote will be open for a further 2 weeks and will go live from:


Thursday 5th April at 10am and will close on Thursday 19th April at 10am.


If you are eligible to vote, you will be able to vote:

  1. Online via the Club website.
  2. By calling the Sales Centre on 01482 358418, Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm.


Please note:

  • Further information on the 2015/2016 ticketing structure, will be announced if the structure is voted through

Communication of the vote will be via Club website, email and SMS (text message).