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Welcome to the Supporters’ Committee page – here you will find information regarding the Supporters’ Committee meetings including detailed minutes from each.

The North, South, East and West Stands are all represented on the committee, and the representatives for each stand can now be contacted via email, allowing all fans to raise questions and topics to be put forward at forthcoming Supporters’ Committee meetings.

If you have a question for one of the members or have an issue you would like to raise, please contact the relevant committee member – see below for details.


North Stand Representatives: [email protected]

East Stand Representatives: [email protected]

South Stand Representatives: [email protected]

West Stand Representatives: [email protected]


Supporters’ Committee Minutes

April 2017 – Click here to read

July 2017 – Click here to read

October 2017 – Click here to read

November 2017 – Click here to read

February 2018 – Click here to read

October 2018 – Click here to read

March 2019 – Click here to read

October 2019 – Click here to read