Hull City

From The Archives: Tales From The Treatment Room

19 March 2020
Whilst circumstances currently mean there’s no live football to enjoy, we’re delving into the archives to feature a photograph from Hull City’s illustrious history. For the foreseeable future, we’ll provide an image each day for supporters to enjoy and reminisce.

Ken Wagstaff and Ken Houghton – two of Hull City’s fearsome attacking line-up during the 1960s – catch up with long-serving club physio Jimmy Lodge in the medical room at Boothferry Park during the 1965/66 season.

No doubt this room witnessed plenty of pain, tears and anguish down the years and we can see Mr Lodge’s cupboard of medicines and magic potions in the background.

Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that this pair were in there for anything serious. They can’t have been – Houghton played a total of 52 times during that unforgettable title-winning season while Wagstaff went one better with 53 appearances, and they bagged a rather impressive 58 goals between them!