Hull City

Good Individual Relationships Help The Team – Slutsky

05 July 2017
Building strong relationships with individual players will be an important part of this pre-season, according to new Head Coach Leonid Slutsky.

The Russian is already making his mark at the Tigers’ University of Hull Training Ground with some extensive sessions during the opening week of training.

That hard work will continue as Slutsky prepares his squad for the start of the new Championship campaign, but he will also work hard on a one-to-one basis and believes the strong core of British players at the Club is a big advantage.

“One very important thing for me is having a good relationship with players,” said Slutsky.

“When I signed my contact here last month, I tried speaking with everybody and not just the senior players like Michael Dawson, Grosicki, Diomande and Ryan Mason – I spoke with a lot of our players.

“A good relationship with the players helps with the atmosphere within the team.

“It is also important to build a good relationship with the leaders in the group who can come from a good domestic core. I think some clubs in Russia made some mistakes by trying to make an international core of leaders.

“For me, the domestic players are the leaders and here in Hull we have that type of player. We have Dawson, Huddlestone, Clucas, Mason, Meyler – although I know Meyler is Irish but I use him in this example!

“We have started the hard work – I have read an interview with Michael Dawson where he said it was maybe the hardest first training session in his career – but I am happy that all of the players who are training are in good condition. They are all professionals.

“My mood is very good and I look forward to working hard to reach our target for the season.”