Hull City

How To Guide: Members Buying Chelsea FA Cup Tickets Online

11 January 2020
If you are a Member and currently experiencing difficulties purchasing tickets for Hull City’s forthcoming Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round tie against Chelsea through your online ticketing account, please follow the steps below:

Firstly, please ensure you are signed in to your account on our ticketing website.

Once signed in…

• In the top Right, does it say ‘Hello and your name’?

If Yes…

• Scroll down to tickets and to Chelsea – is the ‘choose seats’ box Orange? If yes, you should be able to purchase your tickets.

If No…

• Please click the ‘Hello Customer’ and select ‘Your Account’
• What is the Customer Number shown above your details?
• Does the Customer Number match your season card?

If No…

• Please email us at [email protected]
• In your email, please include the correct number of your Membership along with your postcode.
• We will then set you up a new online account linked to your Customer Number and email you the details.

Full ticket details for the Chelsea tie are available here.