Hull City

Hull City Introduce New Club Crest

09 February 2019
We are delighted to reveal our new club crest.

The new design is the product of a supporter-led process and shows evolution rather than revolution with a slight change in shape.

The tiger’s head that was first used in the 1970s, and has been a constant on the Club’s crest since 2001, is retained as is the Club’s year of formation, 1904, which remains below the tiger. The biggest change comes with the reintroduction of the wording ‘Hull City’ which sits above the head.

The new crest, which will be in place for the start of the 2019/20 season, is the result of an extensive process which concluded with a Creative Panel that brought together the wishes of the wider fan base, and those involved are pleased with the outcome.




“Following feedback from supporters, it was important to the Club to ensure this update was supporter led. The numerous stages in the process ensured we heard the masses and were also able to have productive sessions with a smaller group who the supporter base had entrusted with representing their views. The panellists have been incredibly engaged, passionate and collaborative at every step of the way. We can’t thank them enough for the time they have committed to the process to ensure our next crest is a crest our supporters and players are proud to stand behind in the coming seasons, whilst also being a great next step in our journey as a Club.” Vicky Beercock, Head of Marketing and Communications for Hull City.

“We all understood that the tiger was important and that the name ‘Hull City’ needed to be back on the crest along with ‘1904’. We’ve been able to include all of that.” Paul Matson, a lifelong Hull City supporter & Chairman and Founder of Hull 4 Heroes.

“It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to contribute to the history of the football team that you support. The new crest keeps traditional elements but with a modern twist.” Bobbi Hadgraft, a massive fan of Hull City.

“I enjoyed being a part of the panel and I found the whole process very interesting. It was all done very professionally and very fairly. It was great to see it through from the start to the moment when all of our discussions and work resulted in us seeing the final crest.” Jan Brumby, Hull City fan & CEO of Entrepreneurs Only.

“I think the new crest is a good balance between being modern in terms of its look, and the core values of what the crest is all about. The whole process has been led by the initial feedback that came from fans during the supporter consultation.” Nick Tyldsley, Hull City supporter & Managing Director of Superfly Marketing.

“It was really exciting to have the opportunity to be involved in a process of developing a new brand, particularly when you’re balancing the heritage of Hull City with a modern feel.” Cathy Phillips, Chief Marketing Officer for KCOM.

“Being involved in this process combined two of my passions – my local football club and my area of work which is in the design and brand management industry. I’ve loved every minute of it and the new crest is fresh, new and improved.” Andrew Lockyer, follows the Tigers home and away.

“I wanted to be involved with the panel because the Club helped me as a player and this is a way of helping to give something back to the fans in terms of a crest of their choice. As players you look at the crest and you wear it with pride and I think this new one is one we’re all pleased with.” Craig Fagan, former Hull City player and current Academy coach.

“It was a great honour to be a part of the panel and it was a really good experience. It was a new experience working alongside some great people. It was an exciting process looking at all of the different options and coming up with a crest for Hull City to take forward into the future.” Steven Larkin, long-time Hull City fan.

“I feel like this crest moves the Club forward, but is influenced by previous badges over the decades so that it maintains some of our heritage.” Matt Johnson, loyal Hull City supporter.