Plenty Of Options As Slutsky Looks To Complete Backroom Team

One of Leonid Slutsky's first tasks as Head Coach of Hull City will be to complete a team of backroom staff to work alongside him.

Slutsky has appointed Tony Pennock as First Team Coach, the Welshman returning to the Club after being part of the coaching set-up under Mike Phelan in 2016, but there are still positions to be filled and the former CSKA Moscow boss says he has plenty of options to assess.

"There are some vacancies in the backroom team and we will of course have interviews for new coaches," said Slutsky.

"There are many options. It could be some people who have history here at the Club like Tony or maybe ex-players. There would be no problem for me with this and I am happy to work with a domestic coach (Tony Pennock).

"Whoever we have on the staff, we will work together because we will all have the same target."

Once his backroom team is in place, Slutsky and his staff will then look to communicate thoughts on a style of play to his squad and he admits he is adaptable when it comes to systems and formations.

"I adapt my system to the players that I have available," added Slutsky.

"Brian Clough once said something like 'there are no good or bad formations, just good or bad players' and I think it's about having the best system for the players that you have.

"What you have to do is show the strength of your players and hide any weaknesses that may exist.

"Of course we will be looking to strengthen the squad in the next few weeks. We'll be looking at one or two central defenders, a left-sided defender, a couple of forwards and maybe an attacking midfield player. We're looking at six or seven players to come in and this is something we are already working on."



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