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1. The Official Hull City Tigers Ltd website (homepage and Tiger Leisure online store (homepage are online resources owned and operated by Hull City Tigers Ltd. Where this Cookies Policy refers to “the Sites”, they are referring to the Official Hull City website and the Tiger Leisure website (and “Site” shall be construed accordingly).

2. The Sites use cookies. A cookie is a small file containing an identity code. With your consent, your computer accepts the cookie and stores it. When you next visit either Site, the code is retrieved, allowing an individual visitor or computer to be recognised.  Each cookie contains text, and is like an identification card which can only be translated from the server it originated from.

3. Cookies cannot tell us information such as your email address, which we can only collect where you tell us (for example, if you register as a user of either Site or provide your details in a capture form).

Official Hull City Tigers Ltd Website Cookies

4. The Official Hull City Tigers Ltd Website uses cookies in the following circumstances:

ASP.NET Session CookieASP.NET_SessionId


This is an essential cookie created when request is made for any web page. This is a session ID used to identify a session.session cookie – expires when window closed
Site acceptance cookieAC_SplashCookie






This cookie is used to record if a user has accepted the use of cookiesSplashCookie – 1 day

UsrAccCookiePolicy – 1 year

GTM Tracker_gat_UA-*Tracking cookie for analytics.js. Used to throttle request rate.10 minutes
Google Analytics_gaGoogle Analytics uses traffic log cookies to gain information about the use that is made of pages on the Site.  The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited.  We use the information from these cookies to generate reports on the usage of the Site which are used for evaluation and analysis. The purpose is to improve the Site by tailoring it to the needs of users.

In addition to standard analytics parameters, we receive data via Google Analytics Advertising Features including information about ‘Demographics and Interest Reporting’ which gives us greater insight into the types of visitors we receive.

In all cases, no data which is itself specific to any identifiable user is retained.

As a user you can opt out of this process of collecting traffic log data. To do so please visit the following site which provides a browser add-on that enables a user to opt out –

2 years
AdvertisingAPP  CASA  CMT  IPON  LOTM  MMTH  OAID  PUB  PUL  QNCS  RBCN  SERVERID  SWID  SWIDREAD  TDSKAdvertising cookies created by third party like Rightster to get user preferences.Advertising networks use cookies to keep track of ads they have already shown to a user.APP -10 days  CASA – 10 days  CMT – 10 days  IPON – 9 days  LOTM – 30 days  MMTH – 10 days  OAID – Session  PUB – 10 days  PUL – 10 days  QNCS – 9 days  RBCN – 9 days  SERVERID – Session  SWID – Session  SWIDREAD – 10 days  TDSK – 10 days
Twitterpid  guest_idCreated when user lands the home pagepid – 1.5 years  guest_id – 2 years
Twitter_twitter_sess  auth_token  external_referer  guest_id  Kdt  Lang  Pid  remember_checked_on  TwidTwitter cookies created when twitter “Follow Button” is clicked._twitter_sess – Session  auth_token – 10 years  external_referer – 7 days  guest_id – 2 years  Kdt – 1.5 years  Lang – Session  Pid – 1.5 years  remember_checked_on – 10 years  Twid – 10 years
Facebookc_user  csm  datr  fr  locale  lu  pl  s  sb  xsFacebook cookies created when Facebook share or like links clicked.c_user – 3 months  csm – 3 months  datr – 2 years  fr – 3 months  locale – 7 days  lu – 2 years  pl – 3 months  s – 3 months  sb – 2 years  xs – 3 months


Tiger Leisure Website Cookies

5. The Tiger Leisure Website uses cookies in the following circumstances:

Google Analytics_utma, _utmb, _utmt48 monthsGoogle Analytics uses traffic log cookies to gain information about the use that is made of pages on the applicable Online Facilities. We use the information from these cookies to generate reports on the usage of the applicable Online Facilities which are used for evaluation and analysis. The purpose is to improve the Online Facilities by tailoring them to the needs of users.
_utmcA sessionInteracts with the cookie _utmb to calculate the length of the user’s visit to the site.
_utmz6 MonthsProvides information in relation to the type of referral used by the user to visit the site.
OrderscartidSessionThis cookie is placed by our website and is needed in order to place orders. This is a unique indentifier of your basket.
Customer IdentificationcustidSessionThis cookie is placed by our website in order to identify you as returning customer. This helps keeping a record of your order history and other relevant details.
Cookie Consent Messagecookiemessage12 monthsCreated by the Cookie Consent popup and enables you to accept our cookie statement once every year.
Session IdentificationPHPSESSIDSessionSession cookie sent to the web browser. Used when you open the browser and then go to the website that implements PHP session state. This cookie is deleted when you close your browser.

Additional Information

6. All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings to prevent cookies being stored on your device. Alternatively, you may be able to configure your browser to accept all cookies or to notify you when a cookie is offered by our server. You may also be able to delete all cookies currently stored on your web browser.  These settings will typically be found in the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu of your browser.

7. Some parts of each Site require cookies to be enabled in order to function correctly. Therefore, unless you change your browser settings you will automatically accept cookies from each Site.

8. We do not use cookies to market or promote the interests of any third party.

9. For further information about cookies and how to control their use, please visit the following third party educational resources: and


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