Hull City

Supporters’ Committee Meeting Update

07 February 2018
With regards to the owners' recent call for amnesty and unity in supporting the team, to find some middle ground with the fans and to accommodate their requirements, the Club have subsequently held two positive Supporters' Committee meetings and have already committed to the following:

? Concessions: reintroduction of concessions in accordance with Premier League ruling (as there are no concessionary requirements in the Football League)

? Crest: to consult with fans on the redesign of the Club Crest

? Brand Guidelines: to amend existing brand guidelines as per the fans’ reasonable wishes

Vice-Chairman Ehab Allam said, “In light of recent comments made in the local media by the Supporters’ Trust, which the Club considers to be a thinly veiled threat of further disruptive action, we had no alternative but to postpone this evening’s meeting.

“In an effort to maintain and continue the positive dialogue we have overlooked inappropriate incidents at the first two meetings, such as being presented with ‘Allam Out’ scarves as Christmas presents by the Supporters’ Trust on behalf of Hull City Action for Change.

“We are still very much committed to continuing with open dialogue, but we cannot be there with guns held to our heads.

“We hope the threat of further disruptive action can be retracted, so we can continue the next meeting with all parties in attendance and pulling together to agree on the detail and delivery of the brand guidelines, crest redesign and concessions.”

The Supporters’ Committee will reconvene later this month.